About Kuhn Digital

Our goal is to be the trusted advisor for small businesses and non-profits in the realm of information technology. We are your primary point of contact for questions or issues in the technology sphere. 


Kuhn Digital has its origin in 1996 when its founder began working in information technology (IT). He started Kuhn Digital in 2001 as a sole proprietor and added staff as the company grew. We now have a staff of  6 and are actively working to grow our client base and staff.

Over the past 19 years we supported many types of businesses from many industry groups. This wider focus gave us a breadth of experience and knowledge to apply as needed to each client’s unique environment. We thrive among smaller organizations characterized by their nimbleness and ability to respond to changing market forces. Their IT company must be able to respond as well. 

Kuhn Digital will continue to keep a wide focus. We believe that diversity supports our financial strength through changing economic climates.

Our business clients include law firms, manufacturing companies and service companies. Our non-profit clients help medical missionaries, provide houses of worship, support several

causes for woman, empower families in need and encourage the homeless.