Kuhn Digital Services

Project Vision, Planning and Support

From time to time, there are larger needs that require high level vision, detailed planning and focused attention for a longer period of time. Installing servers, email migrations or office moves require more complex proposals and cost estimates before approval. We gather the information, present time, costs and materials estimates for approval and execute the plan to achieve the desired outcomes.  

Onsite Support

We have found that often it is best if our people can visit with your people to solve problems in person. Whether that is setting up hardware, training on a new application or planning a project we are happy to be in the trenches with you.


The most important aspect of onsite support is working with our clients helping them be successful with their devices. It also includes server support to ensure the backend systems are working properly, desktop support to include peripherals such as printers, scanners and other devices to keep them communicating and network support to keep the data flowing.  

Remote Support

Sometimes all you need is a quick fix and with your permission and our remote support tools we can work with you on your computer to get you back to the task at hand. We also can do remote server or network maintenance, troubleshoot finicky software and enforce security protocols.

Cabling and Infrastructure Support

Moves and expansion can have various infrastructure requirements such and network cabling, alarm system installation, conference room systems and security camera system. From a single cable to a complete installation we can support some of these less technical more construction types of needs. 

Procurement and Vendor Management

Let us take the hassle out of your technology purchasing and vendor relations. We are happy to identify the right product, get a quote and bring it to you for approval. Whether it is hardware or software that you need to purchase or Internet or phone service you need to subscribe to, we can often purchase at a discount and can pass those savings on to you. We work hard to find the right product with the best total cost of ownership for your needs.